About Us

1. We Live Outdoors
2. We Lead
3. Client Sets the Price, Based on Quality
4. Two Week Review Turnaround
5. We Donate the Samples
We’re not a normal outdoor company, there’s a few things we do differently. You saw on the front page the short version of our company, and there’s questions people usually ask.
“What do you mean you don’t charge?”
– We subscribe to the John Wooden school of negotiation. For our research and design services, once you have received the finished product, pay what you believe it is worth, that’s it. We are very open and honest in our dealings, and we want to work with companies who are the same.  Since you are paying for research only, it is a way to save money in the current economy. Outdoor Trips are priced by our trip leaders, but are very affordable compared to other outfitters.
“Who do you donate the samples to?”
– If the company allows us to keep the samples we review, Rocky Eagle will donate them to camps and outdoor programs around the Southeast. There are people out there doing great work without a lot of funding, and we want to help them gear up and save money. We can submit proof of donation to your company so that you can report it on your taxes.  To see a list of programs we donate to,  click on “Who We Work With”
“Two weeks is fast! How do you do it?”
– Like we said, being outdoors is kinda our thing. When we get a product, usually that day we’re out hiking, running, camping, and testing it out. The only delays are weather-related (testing a storm shell without a storm), and are clearly communicated. We know you have a lot invested in us, and in the product, so we want get it back quickly

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